The King of Coins

Formerly known as the Architect, his history is one of the more public


The Architect was a well known hero in the British cape community long before he joined the Suits. Starting out as a security consultant for various private interests he quickly became involved in heroic work alongside his money making pursuits. His powers made for an easy and effective way of restraining would-be criminals as he transformed the building around them, which led to several high profile arrests.

He became well known at this time as one of the few independent heroes that did not avoid the press, which came back to haunt him later as an accident involving a civilian had the public’s ire turned on him. Despite this he built up a reputation for competence and comfort in the public eye as well as on the battlefield.

His announcement that he was joining the Suits came as something of a surprise to most as his stated opinion of the organisation had been less than stellar up until that point. However, this did nothing to prevent his rise through the ranks or the recovery of his reputation. His talent and power were more than adequate to him as he became first the Ace of Coins, then the Knave, Queen and finally King.


The King of Coins

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