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Welcome to the Worm London RPG Wiki. This will be the primary source for all information on the setting and NPCs that you will encounter in the game, and will be updated frequently with the data available to each of your characters.

The Setting

This RPG takes place in the city of London, United Kingdom. In relation to the Worm Web Serial it will be taking place two years before the start of the story, in June 2009.

There are a number of cape organisations in London at this time, the most prominent of which are:

The Heroes

  • The Suits – The largest heroic organisation in the UK. Designed around the 8 suits of the Tarot Deck, with over 400 members across the country, organised into Faces and Squads

The Villains

  • The Invokers – Evolved from a secret society and based in the vicinity of King’s College London. Its theme is based around the concept of magic, with the members of the Invokers each being grouped into one of four categories based on their powers. It has few capes, but the ones it does have are known for their power and skill.
  • The Unwanted – At the opposite end of the social ladder are the Unwanted; a small, but well known group of young villains based out of Soho.
  • The Gooners – This is an organisation that grew out of one of the old school Firms of the football hooliganism era. It has stuck close to its roots, claiming most of its members (both cape and civilians) from the working class and maintaining a reputation for violence. Known for being the major pushers of drugs in London, their territory is extensive and varied, but can frequently be distinguished by the Arsenal Football Club flags and colours that adorn its supporters homes.
  • Knights of the Apocalypse – Usually a group of four capes that take on the names of War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. Both War and Famine were killed by the Three Blasphemies in their last incursion into London. Very dangerous and extremely violent, anyone who joins this group has a Kill Order automatically placed on them.

S-Class Threats

  • The Three Blasphemies – As dangerous as they are mysterious, little is known about these capes except that they are not human and that they are solely concerned with causing as much pain and conflict as possible. Every time they attack the Suits and Villains of London alike band together to drive them off.

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