The Suits

The Suits

The Suits are the equivalent of the Protectorate in Great Britain. At around 400 members strong, spread over the 14 major cities, the Suits are the largest parahuman organisation in the country. Despite this, however, times have been hard on the Suits. The Council of Nine, consisting of the 24 Faces plus the Joker, has a standard policy of sending combat teams to every Endbringer attack it can.

This has had a dramatic effect on the number of combat-capable capes the Suits have available, with the Mover class capes being most heavily affected. In response to this, the Council of Nine have slackened the entry requirements into the Suits, following the Protectorate in allowing vigilantes and repentant villains to join their ranks under probation.


There are eight divisions of the Suits, each named after a suit from a deck of Tarot cards and each with a distinct role to play in the overall organisation. Heading each division is the King, with the Queen and Knaves supporting them. Below these are the rank and file of the organisation; squads numbered from Two to Ten, with the Ace of each suit being the flagship team. Each squad has 4-6 capes, with the head of each squad taking on the name of it (e.g. the Five of Hearts). Promotion to the Ace Squad is considered very prestigious among the Suits and is a sign of being fast tracked on the way to greater power.

Spades – Combat
Diamonds – Intelligence
Clubs – Policing and Non-Parahuman Support
Hearts – International Relations and Diplomacy
Swords – Fast Response
Wands – Forward Planning and Crisis Response
Coins – Logistics
Cups – Domestic Public Relations

London Garrison

The London Garrison is the most well known in the UK and internationally, with some of its more notable members being Endbringer veterans. There are two Kings in the city at the moment; the King of Coins (the head of the London Garrison) and the King of Spades (visiting for a recruitment drive for non-cape support members). The Queens of Hearts and Coins are also in attendance. There are also rumours of the Suits’ Knave of Diamonds, the most illustrious and secretive of that division, being in the city though none of them have been confirmed.

While there are a number of squads across the UK that are capable of travelling to London on short notice, the squads based in the city usually consist of one team from each of the Spades, Diamonds, Swords and Coins divisions.

Squads currently in the city are the:

Ace of Spades
3 of Diamonds (notable for being the current Knave’s former squad)
7 of Swords
10 of Cups

The Suits house themselves in the Tower of London, with extensive underground facilities having been added to it in the years since the Suits moved in there. Its previous role as a tourist attraction has been adapted to function as both the public front of the Suits and as a symbol to the villains of the UK. Before the Birdcage was created by Dragon, the Tower often housed the more dangerous parahuman criminals apprehended by the heroes.

The Ruling Suits
King of Coins - Formerly known as the Architect – Over time his power expands to cover the entire building he is in, giving him complete control over the structure while he is inside.
King of Spades - Black Dog – Imbues dogs with enhanced strength and toughness, as well as short range teleportation. Speculation has him as having limited Master control over them as well.

Queen of Hearts - Red Cross – World famous doctor able to grant a powerful regeneration ability to anyone she touches. The effect lasts for approximately half an hour before wearing off. She also has a personal invulnerability to harm.
Queen of Coins - Grenadier – A Tinker with a broad, but unknown specialisation. Known for her powered exo-skeleton and grenade launcher.

Knave of Diamonds - Webweaver – Not much is known about this cape. Speculated to have a Stranger power after several villain groups were arrested in their hideouts in the wake of his recruitment.

Ace of Spades Squad
Recuperating after the death of two members at the last Endbringer attack. Fresh recruits have been brought in to fill in the gaps.

Ace of Spades - Graviton – A shaker with the ability to selectively change gravity over several city blocks distance. Recently promoted to head of the squad upon the death of the last Ace.
Pewter - A Case-53 whose skin is made of a tough, silvery coloured material. Has shown a limited ability to shapeshift his arms into bladed weapons. Shies away from the media’s attention after the deaths of his teammates.
Warp - A teenager that has recently been transferred from the Glasgow Garrison.
??? - A fourth member that has not been announced to the public yet.

3 of Diamonds Squad
Not much is known of this squad, given their division, but one member was once known as:

Motive - A former villain recruited into the Suits after the rest of her team was killed by the Three Blasphemies. A known Danger Sensor, though the specifics of her power are less certain.

7 of Swords Squad
Often the first response to any crime involving parahumans, this group has retained the same members for over three years.

7 of Swords - Hammerspace – Able to store non-biological objects in a pocket dimension and then summon them back in an instant. She is well known in the public sphere as a gifted orator.
Nimbus - A Tinker specialising in anti-gravity. Functions as the primary means of transport for his squad.
The Martian - Flying Artillery with ability to fire blasts of heat, cold and concussive force at opponents.
Copycat - A Trump with the ability to copy the powers of any single cape in her line of sight.

10 of Cups Squad
A Public Relations squad currently under the jurisdiction of the Queen of Hearts, who is in the city for a recruitment drive. Not much is known about the powers of this group, but they are all charismatic public speakers.

The 10 of Cups - The Aristocrat – The main spokesman for the Cups in London. He’s over 30 years old and frequently speaks on behalf of the higher ups in the organisation. Speculation has his power as some sort of emotional manipulator, though his sheer charisma may be enough to explain that.
Voiceless - Darren Bewick – A 27 year old cape with no secret identity who has publicly spoken out about the threats faced by young people in the city and the lack of care being shown to them both by capes and by the government. One of the staunchest supporters of the King of Cups, who is well known for his charity work.

The Suits

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